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*** PLEASE NOTE:  We receive many requests to add resource links to this page. We try to maintain as neutral a position as possible, by only featuring helpful resources which DO NOT push anyone's private agenda or for-profit business. If you wish to submit a link for consideration, please make sure it follows these guidelines.

Thanks very much for your understanding.

Some resource links


A site with many resources

National help line and other resources

Website with information and various resources

"Teens helping teens" hotline, website and resources

Multiple mental health-related resources

List of treatment resources

Information related to addiction, substance abuse, mental health, and treatment

Valuable informatinon resource on mental health

for teens and their parents 

Help Line resources

List of 60 digital resources for mental health

Finding therapy - resources and other information

A pdf from the Talk Space Blog with many resources

Affordable access to high-quality mental health care services in the Greater Los Angeles region

List of the best free, and cost-reduced detox, alcohol, and drug rehab centers in California


Mental Health links, services, and information

Services, links, resources, treatment options

Various mental health resources

Various mental health resources for Canadians

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